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Secret Jardin Secret Jardin DP120

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The Secret Jardin DP120 (revision 4) is a well-made, easy to assemble grow tent measuring 120cm x 60cm x 190cm.

With it's highly reflective, light-proof and washable mylar lining it's perfectly suited to use with PL2 and PL4 propagation lights as well as high-powered CFL lamps and comes with four removeable trays levels for bespoke use.

It comes with NO pre-cut vents/ports - allowing you to install these exactly where you need them - for customizable ventilation and to keep cables tidy, and it's roof support system is capable of loads of up to 10kg per bar, 50kg in total. Cutting kit included.

The DP120 Revision 4 from Secret Jardin measures 120cm long by 60cm wide by 190cm high.

The main differences between the Revision 4 and its predecessor are the increased height and the inclusion of the new ducting brackets and flanges enabling you to position the intake and extraction vents to suit your situation, also the new CableIt product allows the user to install a cable port at the most convenient place through the wall of the tent. See the video below in FAQs and this will become a little clearer.

Features include:

  • 100mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange
  • 100mm intake vent bracket, cutting kit and light baffle.
  • 2 X cable ports for fitting where convenient.
  • 100% Light tight. You can put it in a corner of your main grow room and it wont affect the dark cycle.
How long is the guarantee for the DP120?

Every tent in the Secret Jardin range comes with a 2-year guarantee from the date you receive the tent. Any problems at all with the zippers, material etc during this period we will replace the affected part free of charge, at no cost to you. This kind of guarantee is unique to Secret Jardin and one of the main reasons we rate them so highly.

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