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Secret Jardin Secret Jardin DP90

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The Secret Jardin DP90 (revision 4) is a well-made, easy to assemble grow tent measuring 90cm x 60cm x 98cm.

With it's highly reflective, light-proof and washable mylar lining it's perfectly suited to use with PL2 or PL4 propagation lights and a 2 x standard propagators, and it's compact size allows it to be set-up in places most other tents would struggle to fit.

It comes with NO pre-cut vents/ports - allowing you to install these exactly where you need them - for customizable ventilation and to keep cables tidy, and it's roof support system is capable of loads of up to 10kg. Cutting kit included.

The DP90 R4.00 Grow Tent from Secret Jardin measures 90cm long by 60cm wide by 98 cm high.

This is the Revision 4 model - it doesnt feature any ducting socks straight out of the box, instead, it is sold with the necessary equipment to create two 100mm vent holes in the walls of the tent wherever suits; also included is a 1 X 100mm flange to create an exhaust vent and 1 X light baffle to create a passive air intake. Please see videos in FAQs below if you need clarification of whats involved.

Its a great little tent for holding seedlings or cuttings under fluorescent lighting within a dedicated light-tight chamber. It will comfortably hold two standard propagators so two trays of 77 propagation cubes of two trays of 40 Jiffy pellets can be accommodated with ease (see related items below).

For those looking for a larger solution, the DP120 may be of interest.

Which Revision is this tent?

The DP90 are now only available in the R4.00 models.

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