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Secret Jardin Secret Jardin DS60

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The Secret Jardin DS60 (revision 4) is a well-made, easy to assemble grow tent measuring 60cm x 60cm x 158cm.

With it's highly reflective, light-proof and washable mylar lining it's perfectly suited to use with HID lamps up to 250W, and it's compact size allows it to be set-up in places most other tents would struggle to fit.

12cm shorter than the DR60, it comes with NO pre-cut vents/ports - allowing you to install these exactly where you need them - for customizable ventilation and to keep cables tidy, and it's roof support system is capable of loads of up to 30kg. Accessory and cutting kit included.

The Secret Jardin Dark Street DS60 Revision 4 Small Grow Tent measures 60cm x 60cm x 158cm (12cm shorter than the DR60) and features:

  • Highly reflective light-tight material - Mylar M210D.
  • 100mm extraction vent bracket, cutting kit and flange
  • 100mm intake vent bracket, cutting kit and light baffle.
  • 1 X cable port for fitting where convenient.
  • 1 X waterproof floor liner.

The main difference between the Revision 4 and its predecessor is in the new ducting brackets and flanges enabling you to install the intake and extraction vents to suit your situation, also the new CableIt product which allows the user to cut a cable port at the most convenient place through the wall of the tent.

To be clear, The Dark Street DS60 Revision 4 has no pre-cut ports/socks for intake and extraction when it comes out of the box - you get to install these in situ. which is great for those operating in a confined space as it reduces the need for excessive ductwork. However, if you are looking for a more familiar plug-and-play solution that dictates where the ducting and cables pass through the tent then look to the DR60 - these two models are now at a similar same price-point.

The DS60 Rev 4 is a well-made small grow tent thats perfectly suited for use with high-powered CFL lamps (200W & 250W) or a 250W HID grow light The improved reflective material makes the most of all available light and its compact dimensions mean it can be used in spaces other tents would struggle to fit into.

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