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Seramis is a high-quality, pH neutral, inert growing medium for use in drip-recirculating systems and passive hydroculture.

Very popular in Holland and Germany it's naturally disease-resistant and when used in hydroponic systems it cannot be over watered, does not break down and can be cleaned and reused many times.

Supplied in 30l bags.

Made from pure clay mined in Germany, Seramis is a high quality growing medium suitable for use in drip re-circulating hydroponic systems and passive hydroculture.

Its main features include:

  • Inert, pH neutral and naturally disease resistant
  • When used in hydroponics systems cannot be overwatered
  • Does not break down, can be cleaned and reused many times
  • Very strong capillary action
  • Increased nutrient uptake, plants respond to changes in nutrient formulation immediately

Seramis produce a nutrient suitable for use with houseplants, for all other plants we recommend General Hydroponics Floraseries range. General guidelines for growing in hydroponics are:-

Establish plant in propagation substrate of your choice, then place the plant in a suitable amount of Seramis growing medium - as a rough guideline we tend to recommend around 10-15 litres per plant, the longer the life of the plant the more medium you should use. Seramis performs best in constantly fed drip re-circulating systems, in this type of system its impossible to overwater so the pump can and should be run constantly. In the early stages, however, you may wish to hold back on watering slightly for plants that have been established in Rockwool or a similar type of growing substrate, until the plant has put down a good root system into the Seramis itself.

At first glance Seramis looks expensive, but its simply a case of getting what you pay for. Its already a huge seller in Germany and Holland - its now started to get very good traction in the UK market with several leading retailers stocking it.

Supplied in 30 litre bags.

Can I reuse Seramis?

Yes, you can. Once you have finished with your plant separate the old roots from the Seramis, give it a good wash through with tap water and it’s good to go again. You could also an enzyme product like Runzym to give the new plant the best start in life possible.

How does Seramis compare to Clay Pebbles?

Overall it’s slightly better as a sole growing medium, we would say. There seems to be better nutrient uptake, better root formation due to increased surface area, plants seem to be less prone to pythium and overall plants just seem to be happier in Seramis, in our experience and that of our customers.

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