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Canna Canna Coco Professional Plus

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Canna Coco Professional Plus is a premium quality coco blend that is designed to encourage healthy, vigorous plant growth and has been specially formulated to offer an optimum structure and purity. Canna is one of the most established brands on the market and this coco mix is a prime example of Canna’s superior products, easily meeting and excelling strict RHP quality standards.

The mix itself contains 45% wood cellulose for long-lasting performance and consists of 100% coco flakes that are rinsed and buffered to provide an ideal growing environment for your plants from the day you plant them. Canna Coco Professional Plus also has a water/air ratio of 73%/23% which is great for ensuring adequate aeration at the root zone.

As coco is a completely inert medium, you will have full control over delivering a balanced range of nutrients to your plants. This, coupled with Canna Coco Professional Plus’ complex water/air system, ensures that you can grow your plants in optimum conditions and give them the best possible chance to thrive and survive.

Canna’s unique production process guarantees that Coco Professional Plus will be free of potentially harmful viruses and soil diseases.


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