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Ecothrive Ecothrive Coco Pro

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Ecothrive Coco Pro is a high-grade Coir product that delivers all the inherent benefits of growing in Coco with an additional jump-start provided by Ecothrives own growing media enhancer - Ecothrive Charge.

The Coco comes pre-mixed with Ecothrive Charge at 2% (1l of charge per 50l Coco).

This product should be treated in exactly the same way as any other premium Coco, it is pre-buffered and pre-mixed so all you need to do is pour it into a pot, break up any compressed lumps, settle the medium by tapping around the outside of the pot and off you go. As always, we recommend a Mycorrhizal product at each repotting stage, Ecothrive Biosys or Xtreme Mykos would be our preferred options for this.

If you are a grower that likes to add perlite to your Coir mix we recommend you check out the Ecothrive Coco Lite.

Supplied in a 50 litre bag.

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