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Plant Magic Plant Magic Soil Supreme 50L

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Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a lightly fertilised soil mix containing around 10% fytocell.

Containing organic growth stimulants and humic and vulvic acids, it's designed to get your plants off to a flying start. The fytocell content ensures a well aerated soil structure to facilitate a healthy root zone for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to thrive - all important for vigorous and healthy plant growth.

Recommended. UK mainland only.

Plant Magic Soil Supreme would be classed as a light mix soil as it blended with a level of organic growth stimulant containing Humic and Fulvic acids to get your plants off to a flying start.

The organic growth stimulant and well-aerated structure facilitate a healthy root-zone environment for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to thrive.

Plant Magic is the first company to add Fytocell to the mix instead of Perlite. We have always rated Fytocell very highly as a growing media improver due to its unique structure and aeration properties - Fytocell will always hold around 40% air regardless of the environment. Fytocell is included in the Plant Magic Soil Supreme at a rate of 7-10%.

This soil is equal to any other currently available and is suitable for those using chemical or organic nutrients. Obviously, it has been formulated to go alongside the Plant Magic range of nutrients but it should perform well with any brand of nutrient.

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