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Lighting Kit 125W CFL Grow Light

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The budget 125W CFL system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to start your indoor grow.

It can be plugged directly in to any timer or UK wall socket, avoiding the expense and heat of an external ballast.

Delivering very little heat waste, CFLs can be hung very close to the plants without the risk of burning, and can often be used with little to no ventilation.

For anyone wanting an introduction to indoor growing, the Budget 125W CFL System is the easiest way to get started and one of the cheapest too. The kit consists of a standard Euro reflector, adapter to convert the IEC connector from the reflector to a UK 3-pin plug to plug straight into a timer or wall socket, and the lamp or lamps of your choice as selected above.

All Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are self-ballasted so they can be plugged directly into any wall socket, avoiding the expense and heat of external ballasts.

They also run at a much cooler temperature than HID lamps meaning it is often possible to use them with little or no ventilation.

With CFLs the main advantage is that they can be positioned as close to the plants as possible without the risk of burning, making them ideal for propagation when used with a blue spectrum (6400K) CFL. The red spectrum (2700K) lamp can be used for flowering, ideally as a supplemental light source. Both models put out approximately 5500 lumens.

We now supply this kit with the Maxibright CFL reflector so if you choose to upgrade to the 250W lamp this reflector will run the larger lamp perfectly.

This system is suitable for use with a Grasslin timer alone, no lighting controller is necessary.

Reflector dimensions (mm): 480mm x 400mm x 120mm

***Please retain the original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12-month warranty***

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