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Lighting Kit 250W CFL Grow Light

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The Budget 250W CFL Grow Light is simply one of the best value for money CFL systems available and offers a low fuss way to begin indoor gardening or start propagation.

Essentially a heavier duty version of the 125W system, this kit couples a 250W CFL lamp with a sturdy reflector, although it doesn’t put down as much light as the High Output CFL reflector.

Reflector dimensions (approx):

Length:  49cm
Width:   42cm
Depth:   16cm

CFL lamps are available in either blue spectrum (6400k) to promote vegetative growth or red spectrum (2700K) to promote flowering, both have an output of about 12,500 lumens.

As with all CFL lamps, the best results can be obtained by having the lamp as close to the plants as possible – around seven to ten centimetres is optimum.

The Maxibright CFL reflector comes with a four-metre power cable with a fitted three-pin plug as well as tabs on the back for easy hanging. It is suitable for use with all wattages of CFL lamps.

Highly recommended.

**Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty**

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