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Adjust-A-Wing Hellion

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The Hellion from Adjust-A-Wing is a top of the range 600W-750W/400V double-ended grow light system that includes the renowned Adjust-A-Wing Defender reflector.

The 5 reflector width settings mimic the seasons through the plants lifecycle, and it's 5 height settings allow easy adjustment to light intensity minimising the risk of burn and allowing optimal growth. As with all 400V systems, they offer around 10-25% more plant usable light.

Fantastic output in close proximity to your plants means greater light penetration resulting in increased yields.

The Hellion from Adjust-A-Wing combines the renowned Adjust-A-Wing Defender with a double ended 750W/400V lamp which results in fantastic output in close proximity to your plants resulting in great light penetration and high yields.

The reflector has 5 width settings which are designed to mimic the seasons through the plants life-cycle, it also has 5 lamp-height settings which allow adjustment to the intensity of light directly beneath the reflector.

The lamp has been developed to work at maximum efficiency with the 400V Hellion ballast so whether the unit is running at 600W or 750W there is no difference in spectral output. The ballast can either be mounted on the reflector or situation outside of the growing area, components for either configuration are included in the package.

There is so much to say about this product that we will revisit this description in the near future but in the meantime check out Adjust-A-Wings website for loads more information and technical info.

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