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Maxibright Maxibright Promax Gold 600W - 400V

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The Maxibright Promax Gold 600W is a 240/400V dimmable ballast that can run all 240V and 400V (E40) lamps currently on sale.

Dimmable to 400W and 500W and with a boost option to 660W, it's soft-start technology automatically detects the wattage and voltage of the lamp and powers it accordingly prolonging the life span of your lamps.

Silent running, it's surge control feature means you can power up multiple units safely.

The Maxibright Promax Gold 600W is a 240V/400V dimmable ballast that can operate 600W lamps at the following outputs: 400W, 500W, 600W and 660W boost. It can also operate 400W lamps on the 400W setting.

It can run both metal halide and HPS/dual spectrum on both 240V and 400V and although there currently isnt a 600W/400V metal halide lamp on the market - when they do become available this ballast will be able to run them.

The unit has all the usual features that you would expect from a premium ballast including:

  • Automatically detects with wattage and voltage of lamp that is plugged in and powers it accordingly
  • Soft start technology
  • Fast lamp re-strike in case of a power cut
  • Surge control so that when multiple ballasts are started from the same power supply, they will safely ignite your lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges
  • Dynamic frequency control for constant regulated output
  • Diagnostic LED feature
  • Silent running

The Promax Gold can run all 240V grow lamps and any of the 400V (E40) lamps currently on sale - the Sunmaster 600W/400V dual spectrum lamp, the Philips GreenPower Plus 600W-400V and the Sylvania Grolux 600W-400V.

What’s the deal with 400v – should I upgrade?

400V lamps produce more micromoles in the PAR spectrum, so generally speaking, you should be giving your plants around 5-10% more useable light than the light you are currently giving them. For some people this can be quite a big deal, for others, it won’t make any difference. If you are running an optimised grow room and really thinking about how to get the most out of it then upgrading may help, and will almost certainly pay for itself quite quickly.

Can I run a 400W lamp at 500W?

Yes, it will work for a while. However, over-powering a 400W lamp by 25% is probably going to kill your bulb in a matter of months if not weeks, and there is no data available on how it changes the spectral output, for better or worse (probably for the worse in terms of overall PAR though).  We would NOT recommend doing this.

Can I overpower metal halide lamps?

We would advise against it.

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