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Philips Philips 315W CMH Lamps

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Philips 315W CMH/CDM lamps are pretty much the industry standard lamps for growing plants.

Whilst other brands are available on the market, the unique spectrum the Philips 315W lamp offers means they are more effective for growing and maximising your plants potential .

We only use the Philips 315W in our 315W lighting kits - even Dimlux use them in some of theirs.

Philips 315W CMH lamps are used in all of the Maxibright 315W CMH Lighting Kits that we sell, and are also used in some other grow lights from companies such as Dimlux.

They are pretty much the industry standard 315W CMH, or CDM, lamps for growing plants. Other 315W CMH/CDM lamps are available but emit quite different spectrums, they are not as effective for plant growth.

What’s the difference between CMH and CDM?

Nothing, they are exactly the same. CMH stands for Ceramic Metal Halide, CDM stands for Ceramic Discharge Metal (Halide), they are both the same lamp.

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