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Canna Canna Hydro

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Canna Hydro is a base nutrient for run-to-waste hydroponic systems. Canna have formulated two separate feeds - 'Vega' for the vegetative phase and 'Flores' for the flowering/fruiting phase.

Designed to work with inert substrates (rockwool, clay pebbles, perlite) it contains all the macro-elements your plants need to reach their potential, though we always recommend using a PK booster during flowering

Available in 1l, 5l and 10l sizes, for hard or soft water type.

Canna Hydro or Substra as it was originally called is the original nutrient from Canna engineered for run-to-waste hydroponic systems.

As substrates such as Rockwool and clay pebbles are inert Canna Hydro has been formulated to contain all the elements your plants need without causing too much to leach into the environment.

Canna Hydro has been designed to work with either hard or soft water and as such is available in two blends to suit either. As with all Canna nutrients, it is possible to lock up your plants if you overfeed them so take it easy with the overall level of feeding, and flush regularly for best results.

Also suitable for Perlite.

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