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Biobizz Biobizz Top Max

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BioBizz Top Max is an organic stimulator designed for use in the flowering/fruiting stage. Tailored for soil, it can also be used in coco or hydro.

Containing the 'black gold of agriculture', humic and fulvic acids have many known benefits - ultimately increasing the size and number of flowers/fruits, boosting and sweetening overall yields.

Available in 500ml, 1l, 5l and 10l.

Biobizz Top Max is an all-organic stimulator designed for use during the flowering and fruiting stage of development. It is tailored for use in soil-based systems but can be safely used in coco and hydroponics based systems too.

Top Max works by increasing the rate of cell division on flowering and fruiting plants, which in turn increases the size and number of flowers and fruits. It stimulates floral development by increasing nutrient uptake and maximising the transportation of sugar molecules in the flowers. Top Max frees up important elements like calcium, iron, and magnesium, all of which stimulate plant metabolism.

Two of the primary constituents of Biobizz Top Max are humic and fulvic acids. These acids have been proven by many scientific studies to have a significant impact on plant metabolism. Often referred to as the black gold of agriculture, humic and fulvic acids increase the uptake of ions and CO2, and boost cell respiration and the synthesis of ATP. The effects of humic and fulvic acids have been compared to Auxins (a class of plant hormones known to be essential to growth and development).

Biobizz uses the naturally occurring mineraloid Leonardite as a source of humic and fulvic acids. Leonardite is known to be rich in humic substances and is the primary source of these acids in most organic plant products. As well as increasing overall flower/fruit production and yield, Top Max is known to add a soft and sweet flavour to your fruits.

Key features of Top Max include:

  • Increased nutrient and CO2 uptake
  • Stimulates cell division and reproduction
  • Sweetens the flavour of fruits
  • Boosts floral / fruit production and overall yields

Although Top Max may seem quite expensive, it is an effective organic additive that helps boost overall yields. There are numerous studies into the benefits of using humic and fulvic acids in horticulture, all of which conclude they act similar to auxins in boosting plant development. Overall, Top Max is an initial expense that is compensated for with increased yields - we recommend giving it a try.

How do I use Top Max?

Top Max is designed to increase floral / fruit production and should not be used until the second week of the flowering cycle. Once you’re in this stage, you should continue to use Top Max at every watering using around 1-3mls per litre of water. Stop using Top Max one week before harvesting to ensure you have enough time to flush resulting in clean tasting fruit.

Is it suitable for all systems?

Top Max is most effective when used in soil systems but it can be used in coco-mix and hydro systems – although we don’t recommend organic products in these systems. It’s always better to use products specifically tailored for certain substrates.

Is this a complete fertiliser product?

No, Top Max is designed for use as an additive alongside a complete bloom fertiliser. If you’re using organic nutrients for your grow then Top Max is most effective when used alongside Bio Bloom. However, if you’re confident with mixing nutrients/brands then Top Max can be used as an additive alongside other bloom fertilisers,

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