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Canna Canna Boost

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Canna Boost Accelerator is a sugar stimulator designed to speed up the development of fruits/flowers for use in soil, coco and hydro.

Use from the first signs of flowering until the flushing phase, customer feedback includes improved flavours and a noticeably sweeter taste. For best results and an increase in yield use alongside a PK booster such as Canna PK13/14

Available in 250ml, 1l and 5l.

Canna Boost Accelerator is one of the most popular sugar stimulators and can speed up the development of fruits and flowers as well as improving taste and yield. Many of our customers have also said that using Canna Boost has lead to improved flavours with a noticeably sweeter taste.

However, while using the boost on its own will generally speed things up and make a difference to the taste, we have found that for significant increases in yield you will need to use a PK booster, such as Canna PK 13/14, as well.

Canna Boost Accelerator can be used from the first signs of flowering until the final week before flushing at a dilution rate of 2ml-4ml/l.

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