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CX Horticulture CX Mighty Growth Enhancer

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Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer is a popular additive that enhances and sustains vigorous vegetative growth, suitable for use in any growing medium.

Use up until the first or second week of flowering, it's NPK rating of 11-0-0 means plenty of available nitrogen for immediate uptake, ensuring lush green leaves throughout flowering.

Available in 1l, 5l, and 10l sizes.

Mighty Growth Enhancer is an additive to enhance and sustain vigorous growth in the veg phase of your plants. It was primarily designed with recirculating systems in mind to maintain nitrogen availability between tank changes, but it has proved popular with growers in all systems and growing media.

Mighty Growth Enhancer contains nitrogen (NPK: 11:0:0) in a couple of different forms ensuring immediate uptake as well as medium term availability, so it is useful as a pick-me-up for plants that are lacking vigour in veg but also serves to maintain lush green leaves through flower.

The manufacturer recommends using this product up to the end of the second week of flower though we would normally suggest dropping it off before the end of week one unless you are growing plants with a longer flowering phase.

Mighty Growth Enhancer should be added at 1ml/l of nutrient solution.

Available in 1l, 5l, and 10l.

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