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Ionic / Growth Tech. GreenFuse Organic Stimulators

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GreenFuse Organic Stimulators are a range of concentrated organic nutrients, suitable for use in soil, coco and hydro.

Cost-effective, they're formulated from plant extracts - stimulating roots, growth and flowering, for great consistent results.

Available in Root, Grow and Bloom blends, 300ml, 1l and 5l sizes.

GreenFuse Organic Stimulators is a range of organic additives for plants that can be used with hydro, coco and soil growing systems to stimulate roots, growth and flowering. Formulated from plant extracts, these stimulators have no residual effects on plants or people and are safe to use in all environments.

GreenFuse Root can be used throughout propagation and is beneficial to young plants, as well as plants that have been stressed.

GreenFuse Grow is designed to encourage strong shoots and healthy leaves and can be used throughout the vegetative period of the plants life.

GreenFuse Bloom is a sugar stimulator that can be used alongside Ionic Boost or other PK boosters to encourage the development of flowering plants.

We especially recommend the GreenFuse Root Stimulator for use with the Ionic range of nutrients but they are universal so can be used to good effect with any brand of base nutrient. GreenFuse additives are very concentrated with a dilution rate of 1ml per litre, so they are a cost-effective way of enhancing your plants.

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