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Athena Athena Cleanse - Blended Line

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Athena Cleanse is plant safe root zone optimiser. A mild Hypochlorous acid, Cleanse will help keep the root zone clean and free from mineral build-up, and any unwanted organic matter.

  • Low EC, does not affect the nutrient solution
  • Can be used as a final flush
  • Keeps growing media and irrigation lines free from build-up
  • Decomposes organic matter

Regular use: 2ml per USgal (3.785L)

Cuttings/Clones: Cutting/Clones can be dipped into a solution of Cleanse to improve plant health. 10ml per USgal (3.785L)

Media/System Flush: 5-10ml per USgal (3.785L) during the final flush stage

Foliar: 375ml per USgal (3.785L) - spray evenly after first testing on a small area to ensure no damage will occur.

Surface Treatment/Cleaning: 375ml per USgal (3.785L) - spray work areas, irrigation equipment to ensure a problem free environment.

Cleanse can be used in any sterile growing system.

Cleanse is available in 1 USgal (3.785L), or 5 USgal (18.927L) sizes.

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