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Biobizz Biobizz Leaf Coat

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Biobizz Leaf Coat is an organic, ready to use foliar spray.

Use throughout the whole grow cycle, it's primarily designed to limit evaporation and reduce heat stress, whilst strengthening your plants and increasing their resistance to pests and mould.

Available in 500ml sprayer bottles. Recommended (especially for organic growers).

Biobizz Leaf Coat is an all-organic foliar spray made from natural latex. It was primarily designed to limit evaporation. However, Leaf Coat will also help strengthen your plants and increase their resistance to pests and moulds - Insects really cant stand the stuff.

Leaf Coat comes ready to use in a spray bottle and takes effect a few hours after application. It works by forming a very thin elastic layer (about 1.5 microns) around the leaves of your plants. This natural latex layer protects your plants without making leaves lose their permeability so that all-important air and light can still make their way through.

In hot and humid growing environments (around 28 degrees Celsius and higher), Leaf Coats protective layer will stop your plants from sweating and losing water. In cooler environments, the added protective layer will help shield your plants from the cold. Because of this, Leaf Coat can be great at reducing stress when transplanting plants between environments with different temperature and humidity levels.

Leaf coat can be used throughout the whole growth cycle and degrades naturally roughly two weeks after application, leaving no nasty residues or harmful products on your plants. It is a great, natural, eco-friendly alternative to pesticides and insecticides.

Weve tested Leaf Coat and it does what it says it will do. Although not a cure for pests or insects, it offers up a protective layer and combined with other benefits, such as limiting evaporation and reducing the stress of temperature fluctuation, wed say Leaf Coat is an affordable ally, especially for organic gardeners.

How often should I use Leaf Coat?

Leaf Coat naturally degrades over time and fully degrades after two weeks. To get the maximum benefit of Leaf Coat’s protective layer, it should be sprayed on your plants about twice a week.

How do I use Leaf Coat?

Leaf Coat comes pre-mixed in a spray bottle and does not need to be diluted with water. The ready-to-use formula should be sprayed on both the tops and undersides of leaves and flowers. Spray enough to coat your plants but don’t overdo it. It takes a few hours for the protective layer to form so be patient.

If growing indoors, make sure you switch your grow lights off before you apply leaf coat to avoid damaging your bulb and allow your plants to dry before turning the light back on. If growing outdoors, try to use Leaf Coat when the sun is weak, either early in the morning or later on in the afternoon is best.

When should I stop using it?

BioBizz state on their website that Leaf Coat can be used up to three to four days before harvest. Although it isn’t a toxic substance and it doesn’t get absorbed by the leaves or flowers, we wouldn’t recommend using it until this point. For the best results, stop using Leaf Coat two weeks before harvesting. That way, you give enough time for the natural latex coating to fully degrade, leaving no residue on your leaves, fruits, or flowers.

Can it be used on all plants?

Yes, Leaf Coat is suitable and safe for use on all plants and in all growing environments – whether you’re using soil, coco, or hydro. It has no harmful or lasting effects.

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