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Vitalink Vitalink Foliar

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Foliar is an effective foliar feed, by VitaLink.

Comprised of a unique blend of humic substances and amino acid chelated calcium, it ensures the development of strong cell walls, promoting strong growth. Stronger cell walls boost resistance to pests/disease and helps your plants retain moisture.

Available in 250ml, 1l and 5l sizes. Recommended (especially for coco growers).

Vitalink Foliar is an effective foliar feed comprised of a unique blend of humic substances and amino acid chelated calcium. Calcium is required in large amounts by plants to ensure the development of strong cell walls. Stronger cell walls will boost resistance to pests and disease and helps your plants retain that all-important moisture.

Including calcium in a chelated form ensures plants can easily and efficiently absorb it. This is especially important in indoor / greenhouse growing environments where common issues such as too much heat and too little humidity negatively affect a plants ability to absorb calcium.

Calcium absorption can also prove to be problematic during the flowering/fruiting stages of development, as the extra potassium plants need during this phase can interfere with their ability to absorb calcium at the root zone.

Using a foliar spray allows calcium to be absorbed directly by the leaves ensuring your plants are getting enough of this vital element. Its also worth noting that growers using coco/coir should always utilise a calcium-rich foliar spray, as calcium deficiencies can be common in this particular growing medium.

As well as calcium, VitaLink Foliar also contains the natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredient tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has long been used by gardeners to fight off a number of fungal infections including regular plant problems like powdery mildew (mould).

Key features of VitaLink Foliar include:

  • High calcium content to boost plant health and strength
  • Increases resistance to pests and disease
  • Ideal for use indoors and in greenhouses
  • Perfect for solving calcium deficiencies associated with growing in coco
  • Promotes growth in both vegetative and flowering stages of development

VitaLink Foliar is an effective foliar spray that can be used throughout the whole growth cycle to help keep your plants healthy. If you grow in coco/coir then we recommend this particular foliar spray due to the fact it contains easily absorbed chelated calcium that can be absorbed directly by the leaves.

How do I use VitaLink Foliar?

You can use this spray during both the vegetative and flowering/fruiting stages of growth. Simply dilute VitaLink Foliar at a rate of 100ml per litre of water and spray on the leaves of your plants once a week through the whole growing period. For best results make sure you shake the bottle thoroughly before diluting and always spray in low light conditions or when your grow lights are off.

Why only spray in low light/no light conditions?

Using any foliar spray when there are large levels of light can increase the risk of burning and harming your plants. If you are growing indoors, then it’s important to know that grow lamps are rather fragile and should not come into contact with any water/liquid at any time.

What is chelation and how does it increase calcium uptake?

Chelation is a natural process that makes certain nutrients more accessible to plants. Some nutrients have to form bonds with other molecules, such as organic acids, in order to be transported into the plant and move freely around within the plant. Most quality fertilisers and additives include chelation agents to ensure trace elements, like calcium, can be easily and efficiently absorbed and used.

Is it ok to use this alongside other sprays?

Most growers choose to use wetting agents alongside foliar sprays and for the most part, you can use VitaLink Foliar alongside other sprays. However, always make sure you check the nutrient content of the sprays you are using to avoid overfeeding. To be on the safe side, if you choose to use other foliar sprays with this product then spray them separately leaving a three-day interval between administering each spray.

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