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Hesi Hesi Phosphorus Plus

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Phosphorous Plus is a PK booster by well respected Dutch company Hesi, for use in soil.

It's a potassium and phosphorous booster designed to increase flower and fruit formation in plants increasing yield size and quality, and coupled with Hesi's forgiving nature makes it a popular option for beginners to experienced growers alike.

Available in 1l and 5l sizes.

Aimed directly at the soil growing market, Hesi Phosphorus Plus is a PK booster for plants to help increase flower and fruit formation.

During the flowering period, plants are at the peak of their lifecycle and therefore have a greater need for certain elements such as phosphorus and potassium.

Phosphorus is needed to help with early growth as well as speeding up blooming and fruit growth. Potassium compliments this by increasing the development of carbohydrates, starches and sugars which the plant uses to increase fruit production.

Hesi Phosphorus Plus is very highly recommended for anyone using the Hesi Soil range of nutrients.

Who are Hesi?

Hesi are a well-loved and trusted Dutch manufacturer, who have been around for many years. Known for their high-quality products at affordable prices that achieve great and consistent results, they're a popular choice for any level of grower.

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