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House & Garden House & Garden Top Booster

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Top Booster is a powerful flowering stimulant by House & Garden for use in soil, coco and hydro.

Used for 3-4 days around 3 weeks before harvest, it's mix of PK13/14 (phosphorous and potassium) and high-quality Eddha-Fe (iron) gives the plant everything it needs for this demanding period - ensuring optimal growth and results.

Available in 500ml, 1l and 5l sizes.

Top Booster is a powerful flowering stimulant.

It contains high-quality Eddha-Fe (iron) as well as the potassium and phosphorus mix of PK 13-14.

In the flowering stage, the plant requires potassium at the start and phosphorus is used for the later development of fruit and flowers; Eddha-Fe ensures a better colouring of the leaf.

Top Booster should be added to the nutrient feeding schedule for 3-4 days around 3 weeks before harvest then the usual nutrient feeding schedule should be resumed.

Dilution rate: 1.5ml to 1 litre of water.

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