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CX Horticulture CX Regen-A-Root

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Regen-A-Root is a very effective root stimulant that can be used throughout the plants life for ongoing vigorous root growth resulting in greater resistance to Pythium (root rot).

Regen-A-Root made it name in our shop a decade ago as a go-to product (in conjunction with CX Wilt Guard) for the annual wave of Pythium sufferers who had failed to employ preventative measures in their recirculating hydroponic systems. This excellent product has now become a very popular root stimulant for many growers in all types of growing system - regardless of their chosen nutrient brand.

Regen-a-Root helps protect the root system from pathogens by stimulating the production of auxins that produce roots throughout the Bloom cycle. At this stage plants natural behaviour is to divert its energies away from producing roots and into producing flowers but as soon as active root development stops the root system is far more susceptible to disease. Using Regen-a-Root ensures a higher level of defence against pathogens and a more abundant and healthier root system throughout the plants life.

Regen-A-Root should be added at 1ml/l of nutrient solution.

Available in 1l, 5l and 10l.

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