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Dutchpro Dutchpro Take Root

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Dutch Pro Take Root is a cost-effective root stimulant which outperforms many other more concentrated alternatives on the market.

It's leaves little to no residue in tanks or irrigation lines and it's high concentration means it offers better value for money than many other root stimulants currently available.

Particularly effective at accelerating root development in young plants.

Dutch Pro Take Root is a very effective root stimulant and early growth booster.

We have found that it outperforms some of the more expensive (commonly the less concentrated) alternatives on the market and as with the whole Dutch Pro range, it leaves little or no residue in tanks or irrigation lines.

Take Root contains several plant hormones and micronutrients, that boost cellular division, elongation and nutrient transport, all of which accelerate root development in young plants.

Dilute at a rate of up to 1ml/l - its also one of the more cost-effective root stimulants on the market.

Available in sizes from 250ml to 20l.

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