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Intense Nutrients Intense OG Granules

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Intense OG granules are a beneficial mycorrhizal fungi for use in soil. For growers in coco, Intense have added saponins to the formulation (already present in soil).

This helps the beneficial bacteria to flourish and in turn, ensures your rootzone and thus your plants grow to their full potential.

Mycorrhizal products are becoming increasingly popular - their results speak for themselves

OG Granules are well worth using when repotting in soil or coco - a generous sprinkle in the potting hole or around the root ball will ensure a healthy inoculation with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.

Intense Nutrients are the first to produce a separate product for Coco growers - the only real difference is the inclusion of saponins in the Coco blend to encourage the micro herd to establish and flourish in the root zone - soil does this by its very nature, hence the two formulations.

At Greens we always advocate the use of a Mycorrhizal product - the results speak for themselves, the explosion in these type of products in recent years is no accident.

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