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Intense Nutrients Intense Runzyme

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Intense Runzyme is a popular additive that aids the breakdown of dead and decaying matter within the rootzone.

Use throughout your plants life to help keep your rootzone healthy so your plants can grow to their full potential.

Relatively new to the market, the Intense range of products are gaining popularity fast due to their high quality results.

Intense Runzyme as with most Enzyme products is primarily to deliver and feed bacteria that produce enzymes to break down the dead and decaying root matter within the substrate or root system. It has proved a popular product locally, in fact, it is the one that we were asked for most before testing and taking the range on in-store.

Dilute at a rate of 1-2ml/l throughout the plants life to maintain a healthy and effective root zone.

Available in 1l, 5l, and 10l bottles.

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