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RootMASS Fabric Plant Pots

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RootMASS Fabric Pots are a range of foldable fabric pots that have proved very popular in-store over the last couple of years.

Their porous material allows for excellent drainage and aeration at the root-zone, as well as promoting the air-pruning of roots - improving root structure and density for larger, faster-growing plants.

Various sizes available from 12l to 39l.

RootMASS fabric pots have proved very popular in store over the last couple of years.

Key features of fabric pots include:

  • excellent drainage as they are made out of a porous material;
  • great aeration of the rootzone which can help to regulate temperature in this critical area;
  • promotion of air-pruning improves root structure and density;
  • can be used in recirculating systems and acts as a filter between the growing medium and the reservoir;
  • foldable - easier for transportation and storage;
  • handles for easier movement when in use.
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