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Grodan Grodan Cubes

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Grodan cubes are a multi-use rockwool growing medium that can be used on their own or with other mediums such as clay pebbles.

Completely inert, their water and air retention qualities allow for rapid and effective water and nutrient distribution giving you full control of your plants' nutritional requirements. Ideal for use with hydroponic drip-feed systems such as the Wilma range.

Available in 20l and 90l (UK mainland only) bags.


Although we recommend Cultilene over Grodan for some other products, these Mineral Wool (often referred to as Rockwool) Growing Cubes from Grodan are ideal as a growing medium on their own or as a means of supporting another medium such as Clay pebbles and growing cubes. They can also be used as a packing medium around the roots of clones grown in Aeroponic systems when they are put into transplant cubes.

It is possible to use these cubes as a growing medium on their own, but do be aware of the water retention. We would recommend using them with a drip-feed system such as the Wilma and standard hydroponic nutrients such as Canna or Plant Magic.

Available in either 20 litre or 90 litre bags.

***Please note we only ship the 90L product to the UK mainland***

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