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Jiffy Jiffy Coir Pots

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Jiffy Coir Pots are an innovative and completely environmentally friendly product suitable for use in both organic and non-organic gardening. Being 100% biodegradable, the pots themselves are made completely from coir pith; a natural by-product of the coconut industry. Instead of coir pith going to waste, Jiffy makes use of this excess material to make a clean, green, effective product.

Not only are Jiffy Coir Pots great for the environment, they’re also great for your plants. The pots are soft enough to allow the roots to move directly through the wall of the pot without affecting the natural growth rate or development of the root system.

In fact, growth rate can be increased as once the roots grow through the walls of the pots it promotes air pruning. Air pruning encourages the development of stronger roots when compared to normal plastic pots.

The Jiffy Coir Pots also eliminate transplant stress when the time comes to pot on. As the pots are completely biodegradable and give plants full access to air, water, and nutrients; all you have to do is simply re-pot the entire pot either into the ground or into a larger plastic pot, reducing interruption to the roots and plant growth.

Key features of the Jiffy Coir Pots include:

    • Made from environmentally friendly coir pith


    • Suitable for organic growers


    • No need to repot eliminating transplant stress


    • ‘Breathable’ pot allows for air pruning and strong root development


    • Completely biodegradable pots that allow for faster water penetration than peat pots

Our Opinion

The Jiffy Coir Pots are ideal for seeds, seedlings, and cuttings and from our experience they really do minimise transplant stress and encourage healthy root growth. We highly recommend these pots for organic gardeners and those who want to limit the maintenance and plant stress associated with transplanting.

What are the full dimensions of the Jiffy Coir Pots?

The coir pots we sell are available in the following size:

Top diameter: 8cm
Bottom diameter: 6cm
Height from top to bottom: 8cm

Will transplanting the full pot have any negative impact on the roots?

As the roots can comfortably penetrate the soft coir pith pot material and as these pots degrade naturally anyway there is no risk of negative impact on the root development and the health of your plants.

In fact, in most cases, the extra aeration, water retention, and reduced transplant stress associated with the Jiffy Coir Pots actually lead to bigger, healthier plants that grow faster when compared to standard plastic container gardening.

Are they really organic?

Jiffy state that coir pots are suitable for use in organic production systems and as they are made from 100% coir pith (a natural by-product of the coconut industry) they are definitely an environmentally friendly potting option.

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