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Nutriculture Wilma System XXL (115cm X 115cm)

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Wilma XXL Systems combine the ease of growing in pots with the growth-boosting and maintenance-saving benefits of automated feeding.

Their innovative dripper-design bridges the gap between soil/coco and hydroponics, saving time and avoiding overwatering/feeding.

115cm x 115cm, available in 5x 25l, 8x 18l, 9x 18l, 6x 11l and 20x 6l pot combinations. Click here for other sizes.

Wilma Systems combines the ease of growing in pots with the growth boosting and maintenance-saving benefits of automated, timer-based watering and feeding. Their innovative design helps bridge the gap between soil and hydroponic gardening and helps resolve common issues associated with hand-watering plants.

Hand-watering plants is not only an often time-consuming and inconvenient task that often needs to be done daily, but it also means your plants are blasted with water and nutrients all at once, which can lead to the problem of overfeeding and overwatering.

Wilma Systems are great because they work on a timer-based drip feed system, which can be set to give your plants an ample amount of nutrients and water throughout the day, without the need for your constant attention - a perfect solution for those of us who live busy lives and one of the main benefits associated with hydroponic based systems.

However, with these systems you can use pretty much any growing media you like, from soil and coco to clay pebbles and rockwool. The systems are designed to be versatile and suit a range of growing needs - we personally recommend clay pebbles as they tend to give better results and are easier to manage and set-up with the Wilma Systems.

The boosted growth stems from feeding plants little and often. This staggered method of delivering water and nutrients to plants has been shown time and time again to more effective at promoting growth and increasing yields than feeding and watering only once a day.

Wilma Systems are also an ideal solution for any grower looking to move from soil and test the water with hydroponic-style gardening. The familiarity of using pots remains for soil growers, but the benefits of automated watering and feeding will really help make the leap from soil to hydroponic cultivation.

These XXL Wilma Systems have a reservoir volume of 150 litres and the tray measures 115cm x 115cm x 20cm. There are four different pot sizes available with the XXL Wilma System for maximum versatility; 6 litre pots, 11 litre pots, 18 litre pots, and 25 litre pots.

The choice is yours on what pot size you wish to use, and the systems are designed to be fully interchangeable, so you can replant into larger pots when necessary without having to buy a whole new system.

The complete Wilma kit contains a tank, tray, pots, pump, delivery system, flood drippers, arrow drippers, and a full set of instructions for easy set up.

A timer is not included in the kit but will be required to set feeding and watering schedules. A segmental timer will be more than adequate, is inexpensive, and can be set at 15-minute intervals over a 24hr period to ensure you have full control over the delivery of water and nutrients.

If this system is too big for you then there are three other smaller sized systems available - just check out the rest of our range.

Do I need different trays for the different pot sizes?

It depends on your growing needs. There are different trays available for the different XXL system layouts. A 5 pot, 8 pot, 16 pot, and 20 pot tray are available for use with these systems. You can decide to use however many of these as you like, but only one will be supplied with the complete system. Separate trays are available. Please give us a call if you’d like to purchase more than one size.

Why aren’t the kits supplied with timers?

There are many timers that can be used with the Wilma Systems and each grower will have their own preference (for example some like analogue timers and some prefer digital). As a range of timers can be used the manufacturer has decided to leave this element down to individual choice. If you want a good, inexpensive timer that’ll make setting feeding schedules easy then we recommend the Segmental Timer.

How do I use the flood and arrow drippers?

Two different types of drippers are supplied to accommodate for the versatility of using different growing media with the Wilma Systems. Arrow drippers are more suited to absorbent media such as coco or soil, whereas if you use our recommendation of clay pebbles, the flood drippers are the most effective method of delivering water and nutrients to your plants.

You recommend clay pebbles, why?

Simply because we have found that the Wilma Systems are most effective when using this growing medium. Clay pebbles ease the process of setting up the system (with other mediums a separate nutrient tank may be required) and they give you all the benefits of increased aeration at the root zone.

I’ve been told dripper systems can block or clog easily?

Over time dripper systems can have a tendency to clog or become partially blocked. However, by maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your system and using a product such as Atami’s ATA Clean you shouldn’t experience any trouble with blocking or clogging. Keeping a clean system will help eliminate these associated issues.

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