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Nutriculture GT100

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The GT604 NFT Grotank is a well-designed, easy to use system - perfect for small to medium grow rooms.

The 'Nutrient Film Technique' delivers a constant flow of highly oxygenated water to the roots for faster growth.

122cm x 108cm x 23cm, with a 100l tank, it comes complete with top tray, white Correx plate, spreader mat, oxy pump and delivery tube.

Designed to maximize the lighting potential of a 600W HID, the GT100 NFT Grotank offers a square metre of growing space with an easy-to-install, recirculating hydroponic system.

The GT100 is basically a 100 litre nutrient tank with a top tray fed by a pump to create a flow of nutrient solution over the plant roots. The bare roots can then access the highly oxygenated solution as needed with any unused solution flowing back into the tank for recirculation.

Our highly recommended Diamond reflector puts down a very even square metre of light and when using it with a 400W or 600W HID and combining it with a GT100, you will be very hard pushed to find a more productive system. This package will fit into a Budbox XL or Dark Room DR120 tent, or double up with a Budbox XXL or Dark Room DR240W.

The GT100 NFT Grotank measures 122cm long x 108cm wide x 23cm high and the tank holds 100 litres of nutrient solution when full. The kit comes with tank, top tray, silver Correx top plate, spreader mat, pump and delivery tube.

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