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GrowMax Power Grow 500 Reverse Osmosis Filter

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The Growmax Power Grow 500 Reverse Osmosis Filter is a three-stage water filter that delivers approx. 20l/hr of chlorine-free, low EC, low-contaminant water.

It quickly and effectively removes up to 95% of chlorine, sediment, rust, VOCs, herbicides and pesticides, ensuring healthier plants.

They last for around 12,000l, or every 6 months, replacements are available in the dropdown above.

The Growmax Power Grow 500 Reverse Osmosis Filter is a 3 stage RO filter that can deliver up to 20 litres per hour of low EC, nearly pure water - total output of the filter is around 500 litres per day.

The system effectively removes up to 95% of:

Salts, Heavy Metals, Chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, Chlorine. Sediment; dirt, rust, oxidation. Herbicides and Pesticides Volatile Organic Contaminants (Chemical Contaminants, Benzenes, Toluene, Oils, THMs, Detergents, PCBs).

Using RO water has 3 main benefits:

1. Removing the chlorine lets the soil biota flourish, especially if you are using bacterial or microbial additives.

2. Stable pH - RO Water has a pH of around 6.5, a good starting point for most plants.

3. Allows for more precise control of fertilization. By removing the background EC of you tap water, you deliver your plants a more balanced nutrient solution.

The filters on the Power Grow 500 last for around 12,000 litres or 6 months. We list the replacements in the dropdown above, along with a replacement membrane - this will need changing approx. every 9 months.

Other accessories available include a float switch and booster pump for use where the input to the RO filter is less than 40 psi.

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