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CAN CAN Inline Carbon Filters

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CAN Inline Carbon Filters are a lightweight filter option for extraction in your grow room, made from high-grade carbon that allows for increased air-flow compared to the heavier duty ones.

Designed to fit directly into runs of ducting, they are often used as a back-up filter - though they perform well as a primary filter as long as it's matched correctly with the fan/air-movement.

Available in a range of sizes from 150mm/6" up to 315mm/12", choose the correct ones based on your air-movement needs. Replace every 18 months or so.

CAN Inline Carbon Filters are made from Cans lightweight, high-grade carbon and are designed to fit directly into inline in runs of ducting, rather than at the point of extraction.

They use the lightweight version of CAN Filter carbon that will last for around 18 months (CAN have a lightweight type and a pelletized type (the pelletized type lasts longer but is significantly heavier).

Some growers use them as a belt and braces secondary filter, but as long as you match them with the correct fan and airflow, they are fine to use as a primary filter. As the carbon used is Cans lightweight type, they will not affect the airflow too much.

Weights and lengths are listed below:

  • 600m³/hr - 150mm - 9kg (length 75cm)
  • 1000m³/hr - 200mm or 250mm - 15kg (length 75cm)
  • 1500m³/hr - 200mm or 250mm - 20kg (length 100cm)
  • 2500m³/hr - 250mm or 315mm - 31kg (length 125cm)
  • 3000m³/hr - 315mm - 36kg (length 125cm)

If you have any questions about their suitability for a specific grow room situation, please call us.

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