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Can RK Fans are German-made fans suitable for air intake and extraction.

Fresh air supply and heat extraction are both vital in any grow room - these fans are extremely popular because of their reliability. There is a high-powered 'L' model better suited for use with carbon filters. The low-powered models are an option for intake or where noise is an issue.

Available from 100mm/4" to 250mm/10" depending on your airflow needs. The 200mm/8" and 250mm/10" high power versions we stock are equivalent Systemair RVK fans, due to EU law.

The top-quality, German-made RUCK fans are now branded CAN but are still some of the most reliable available and are perfectly suited for inline extraction and intake. In any indoor growing environment, the flow of air is vital, both to remove unwanted heat from lighting and to provide fresh air for the plants.

For each size of RUCK, there is a high-powered L model which has a higher torque motor and is better suited for use with a carbon filter as the filter will reduce airflow by approximately 15-20%. The standard models are ideal for use as intake fans or for extraction in smaller growing environments where a carbon filter is not required.

Noise can often be an issue when you have fans running throughout the day, and while every environment has different acoustics, the lower-powered fans will always be quieter than the high-powered version. Fans are supplied with a 3m cable - you simply need to wire the lead to the fan.

***Please note the 200 and 250 high powered versions are no longer available due to EU law saying they are not efficient enough, so we have replaced them with the equivalent Systemair RVK fan***

Do these fans come with a mounting bracket included in the price?

Yes, our Can RK fans all come supplied with a mounting bracket included.

Why did you switch from selling RUCK fans to CAN fans?

We didn’t, RUCK make the CAN fans – they just wanted a different branding for the hydro market. It now comes in a nice shiny retail box but if you look at the fan closely you will see that it says Made By RUCK on it.

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