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Gorilla Gorilla Box Fans

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Gorilla Box Fans are inline fans that offer a reduced noise level for those looking for a quieter option.

They make a considerable difference when compared to standard inline fans due to their MDF casing, acoustic inner lining and anti-vibration system. Expect a 50% reduction in air-flow when attaching a carbon filter and a short length of ducting so we recommend purchasing the size one or two up from the one you actually need.

Available in 200mm/8", 250mm/10" or 315mm/12" - just choose your required air-flow.

Box Fans are essentially much of a muchness with the majority being assembled in the UK by variety of different companies, some professional, some not.

The Gorilla Box Fans are relatively new to the market and have incorporated some of the better points from existing brands of box fans into their range.

Gorilla Box Fans features include:

  • 18mm outer MDF
  • 12mm acoustic inner lining
  • Torin Sifan internal fans
  • Anti-vibration system for fan to box attachment
  • Well priced

Performance wise all box fans are very quiet by design, but they all perform poorly under pressure compared to inline duct fans. You can expect at least 50% air-flow drop when you add a carbon filter and a short run of ducting, the more ducting and bends you add the worse they perform. Because of this we recommend you buy one or two fan sizes up from what you actually need the best-selling box fan sizes for us for example are the 315mm versions.

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