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Athena Athena Grow - Blended Line

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A carefully balanced nutrient formula, Athena Grow A & B is purpose made for plants during the vegetative stage.

  • Maintains healthy plants growth
  • Helps root and stem development
  • Increases flowering sites
  • Promotes high quality yields

Use 2 - 5ml per USgal (3.785L) during the vegetative growth stage - Always use equal parts of part A and part B.

Please refer to Athena Feed Schedules for more information (see downloads below).

Best Practices:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Use clean measuring instruments--do not put anything into the bottle.
  • Always use equal parts of Athena Grow A & B to maintain proper mineral ratios.
  • Monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop and growth stage.
  • Adjust to pH to proper levels after mixing all fertilizers and additives.
  • Do not combine in undiluted form.
  • Store closed in original packaging at a temperature between 45°F and 85°F.

Athena Grow A & B (Blended Line) is available in 1 USgal (3.785l), or 5 USgal (18.927l) sizes.

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